Local Government Ombudsman
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Delivering public value

About us: Key facts about the Ombudsman

  • We make our decisions independently of all government departments, bodies we investigate and politicians.
  • We examine complaints without taking sides. We are not consumer champions.
  • The Ombudsman is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen. 
  • We have the same powers as the High Court to obtain information and documents.
  • Our decisions are final and cannot be appealed. However, you can challenge them in the High Court if you think our reasoning has a legal flaw.
  • We do not have to investigate every complaint received, even if we have the power to do so. For example, we may decide not to investigate if we think the problem you mention has not affected you signficantly.
  • Our investigations are private.
  • Our findings are published, but people are not identified in the published information. 
  • We are committed to providing a fair service and spending public money effectively.
  • We do not charge for using our service.
  • When we find that a body we have investigated has done something wrong, we may recommend how it should put it right. Although we cannot make bodies do what we recommend, they are almost always willing to act on what we say.

Date Updated: 20/04/14